Stock Items


TEKCO has a range of 6-bottle stock cartons across various bottle numbers, which can be used either in case of shortage on printed cartons, or as cost-effective quality packaging for a new product on a short deadline. Our unique printed stripe contributes to an aesthetic display when palletised. Please contact our office to discuss availability and prices.


With years of experience in the divider industry we have perfected our product range with valuable input from our clients. Our locking-design ensures all parts stay intact on your bottling line and together with our die-cutting process (instead of punching) it promotes a clean, cost effective production run with no down-time and no excessive waste particles. Our range includes solid board dividers for various bottle numbers and heights, as well as econo-corrugated dividers. Specifications to suit your needs will be confirmed upon your order.

Slip Sheets

TEKCO’s slip sheets consists of high grade virgin fibre board with a special developed PVA glue that is both moisture and crack resistant. With a total weight of 1 400gsm, our product can handle any load. We have an extensive range in stock on certain industry standard sizes. Please contact our office for more details.

Lady R – Litho
Dimentions – Litho
Boet Beer – Flexo print
Skinny Giftpack – Litho print