Oct 26, 2016

At TEKCO we pride ourselves in offering you the best packaging solutions. And sometimes, that solution will be our stock cartons and dividers. Whether you want cost effective packaging for your entire range of wines or you just need some cartons to top up your current packaging, our stock cartons is the answer. And don’t forget your dividers! With a generic range to suit most bottle numbers, available in solid board or corrugated, we are bound to be able to assist.

This month, we would like to introduce you to this range, but also remind you that the end of the year is approaching fast! So please keep in mind that for all deliveries required by 15 December, orders should reach us by no later than 4 November. Deliveries for the new year will commence on 11 January. To ensure that you have enough stock during this peak period, we advise that you order enough cartons to cover your needs until the end of January 2017.

Stock cartons: We’ve got your bottle number
As mentioned, our stock cartons, which is available in kraft and for 6x750ml bottles, can be used for your entire range, or in case of a shortage on your branded cartons. The sizes of the cartons are developed to suit a variety of bottle numbers (to use together with solid board dividers), especially the popular bottles of Consol and Nampak.

The aesthetic design of the cartons ensures a striking palletised look and with delivery available within 2-5 business days, we hope this will keep your stress levels low when you run low on packaging!

Dividers: We’ve got your size
TEKCO manufactures a range of dividers for 6x750ml and 12x750ml bottles through a die-cutting process, which eliminates waste particles, both in solid and corrugated board. As with the stock cartons, our range is suitable for a variety of bottle numbers which means that you won’t have to buy bits and pieces for each of your ranges, but rather in larger quantities to get the advantage of economies of scale. The choice of difference in height further accommodates different bottle shapes.

We can deliver dividers in 3-6 business days, but we do request that for bigger orders, or constant orders every month, that you contact us in order to take this into account when determining our stock levels to assist us to keep to these lead times.

As for minimum order quantities on both the stock cartons and dividers, we prefer to process orders in quantities of full pallets. This simplifies our logistics and ensure that we can keep our products cost effective. Quantities on each of these products differ, so please contact your sales representative or our office for more detail.

Our February newsletter: Litho products

Hospice Visit at TEKCO
Oct 25, 2016

On 9, 16 and 23 September 2016 the Breede River Hospice visited TEKCO’s factory to host an information session on the topics of HIV, TB and Diabetes. In addition to that, a medical file was opened for each TEKCO employee and their blood pressure, sugar level, cholesterol and TB-status was tested free of charge.

Employees also had the opportunity to do an HIV test if they wanted to. On the photo, Benjamin Pieterse’s blood pressure is measured by a friendly Hospice staff member.

Our sincere thanks to Breede River Hospice for their wonderful service.

Digital Printing
Aug 25, 2016

Digital is currently not a well-known printing process for the wine and agricultural industries, but we just love the flexibility it gives us to explore new ways of printing boxes and applying it to your benefit, our client.

Since there are no origination costs involved like plates in the masterflex and flexo printing processes, this process is ideal for small volumes. This also ensures a relatively short lead time (around 10-15 work days from order placed).

Please note however that the digital print process is design sensitive. What do we mean by that? Well, from our own experience we now know what type of designs work in this process and what doesn’t, eg:

Good digital designs will incorporate:

– Numerous colours (since you’re not limited by plate costs)
– Fine line graphics
– Textured background effects

Designs not suitable for the digital process

– Solid colours over large areas

Other factors to take into account for TEKCO’s digital printing:

– Can only print on uncoated board.
– We add a matt varnish after the print to avoid scuffing 100% and it gives a coated effect.
– We have our own IN-HOUSE DESIGN TEAM that will make sure that you get the perfect design both for your brand and our print process.
– 6/12-bottle wine cartons (VERY popular)
– Branded gift packs
– Branded pallet corners
– Pallet display boxes
– Promotional packaging (eg Christmas / Valentine’s)
– Small volume outer cartons

But what does it cost?

Since there is still a set-up time applicable for the digital printer, volumes will still have a cost implication. The other big factor to take into account is the ink coverage. Your design will therefore determine your price. Please take this into account and discuss with your sales representative should you need more detail.

If you would like to find out more about these or any of our other products, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our sales representatives.

That’s it from us for the month of August. We hope to speak to you again in Oct, when we will introduce you to our range of stock cartons, dividers and slipsheets.