Proud Suppliers of Cartons to the Wine & Greater Agriculture Industries
The newly launched craft Boet Beer from Four Cousins printed in flexo....
Four Cousins Skinny Low Calorie Wine Giftpack, printed in Litho...
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Digital Printing
Aug 25, 2016
THE WHEN, WHY & HOW MUCH Digital is currently not a well-known printing process for t...
Anna Foundation
Apr 12, 2016
TEKCO is a proud supporter of the Anna Foundation – an organisation who assist disadvant...
Tekco Team
Apr 12, 2016
Our team flying the TEKCO flag high in their respective sport disciplines! It is hard t...
Java MTB Challenge
Apr 12, 2016
TEKCO had the privilege of being part of this project in the Robertson Wine Valley as one ...
Supporting Festival
Apr 12, 2016
As TEKCO, we strongly believe in supporting the clients who supports us. It is therefore o...